Fire & Smoke

We understand how upsetting a fire can be emotionally and structurally to your home or business property. Our professionals are trained to work with you to assess the damage, and ultimately bring your property and life back to pre-loss conditions. It is very important to have trained technicians at the loss location from the very beginning because we have extensive experience in the proper steps to take when dealing with fire damage and the cleanup of smoke.

The FIRST step to take is to secure your property immediately. Fire damaged buildings present a significant safety hazard to those in your neighborhood. Strangers injured on your property can sue for bodily injuries even if they trespassed so it’s very important to have a professional secure your property right away. provides 24 hour Emergency Board Up, Temporary Fencing, Glass Cleanup and whatever other services are necessary to secure your property and valuables from the elements and trespassers.

Call or start a Live Chat now with a professional to schedule emergency service to secure and board up your property immediately. We have local service providers standing by that can be on site within minutes. We also offer direct insurance company billing so there is little or no charge to you for securing your property.

We are always available 24 hours a day when you need help and are here to provide you with answers to any questions you will have along the way. Once you property is secure we can begin discussing the next steps and solutions to help begin the process to put your property back together.

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